Dean Mayes interviews Ashleigh Galvin

Ashleigh was interviewed by Dean Mayes, an Australian Author, after he read Birth By Fire’s Embrace. He writes…

‘Continuing my look at rising Australian authors this week, I’m pleased to introduce an exciting young scribe from Queensland – Ashleigh Galvin, whose debut novel “Birth By Fire’s Embrace” from Spectacle Publishing Media Group launched across all the major etailers back on May 9th – with a print release scheduled for quarter 2 this year.

A rich mix of fantasy, action adventure that treads a line between our own modern world and a fantastical realm filled with classical archetypes, “Birth By Fire’s Embrace” marks the first in an intended 8 book cycle from Ashleigh under the heading of the Amethyst Series…

…The further away modern, popular literature moves from the Twilight series, it seems that the better and more original those literary offerings become. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have struggled with the fantasy genre in the past, simply because there has been so much of it and not all of it has been very good. Where the genre does work, however, is in those stories where the author has clearly stepped out of the genre’s comfort zone by offering an original element that immediately piques curiosity and promises an tantalizing alternate take.
And Birth By Fire’s Embrace is no exception, proving that there is life in the fantasy genre yet. Ashleigh Galvin brings to the table a dense and nuanced world which she juxtaposes skilfully with a modern real world setting. This kind of world creation, to me, is an appealing and important aspect of this kind of writing. It takes a kind of artistic flair to pull it off well. Galvin’s balancing act between the real and the other worldly are visually accessible, keeping you invested in the environments and situations… ‘

Click the below link to read the whole Interview


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