Another Positive Review of Birth By Fire’s Embrace from

Another Positive Review of Birth By Fire’s Embrace from

“I loved Ashleigh Galvin’s Birth by Fire’s Embrace. It takes readers along on Sharrlette Moore’s journey from our normal everyday existence to a realm that we  can only imagine exists as she begins her life with a magic powerful enough to have good and evil at each other’s throats. Sharrlette is no ordinary girl the  human race has produced but comes from a realm of magic only made possible in dreams or imagination. Written at times in a very tongue in cheek style with a few quite humorously added one liners, the narrative in this book had me laughing out loud in spots, relating very easily to situations with which the  author has placed the main characters. Brought up in a supposedly `normal’
environment, and having the same dreams and aspirations as most `normal’ teenage girls, it then comes as a huge shock to find out that she is not of this realm and is different to her friends. Not only does she have abilities that she was  unaware of but learning to control these abilities takes a huge toll on her  belief system and everything around her she thought she knew. Then to discover  that the `good’ magic and the `bad’ magic are fighting to the death over who  controls `her’ magic is mind boggling. This then starts the internal struggle between am I good or am I bad scenario . . . ending in I don’t want to be bad but maybe I don’t have a choice because this magic is never good which then bring a sense of self doubt into the picture. The emotion’s and actions the author has used to describe these scenario’s captivates the reader – pulling them through the book’s pages trying to keep up with the fast paced action of  the adventure panning out before Sharlette, even before she has time to get used to the idea of what’s happening. The author constructs a very real sense of mood and place using her words, and all the characters have authentic personalities and motivations. Certain emotional and haunting scenes stay with you long after you finish the book and you will find your mind bouncing back to them days after you have finished reading the book, remember and reliving the narrative and making you wonder what the follow up books in the Amethyst series are going to evolve into. The story was satisfying and complete in itself and you can’t help but become involved with the characters as the story progresses. I enjoyed Ashleigh Galvin’s “Birth by Fire’s Embrace” enormously, because of its gorgeous writing, tangible sense of place and the strong and resilient characters used. After reading this, I can’t wait to see what the author produces in book 2 of the Amethyst Series because I think that this author and series will only continue to get better and better.”


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