Arena Of Champions Prologue

Our story begins long ago, in a realm where mortals no longer dare to tread. A realm of majesty and wonder where powerful beings shape it to their whim. And it’s from this magical place the Gods and Goddesses of the Trivium Realms conduct their illustrious and all important business. White clouds were scattered loosely across the light blue sky on this particular day. The wind blew gently through the majestic trees and the sweet songs of birds flitted across the land. The only hint of a grievance was the raised voices echoing around a stone temple set into the side of a mountain that stretched far into the sky. The voices rang out in an articulated dance of counters, rebuttals and insults. The four owners of these voices occupied a great balcony standing far above the ground.
‘I’m sorry, Jurnin, but you cannot be serious,’ The sole woman scorned, ‘If anything, Water is the weakest. You cut a single channel through the dirt and water will simply follow the path, a servant to the earth’s whim.’
‘That may be the case, Tancrys,’ The tall man in blue glared across at her, ‘but you give that water time. It will eat away at the dirt, devouring it till collapses under the water’s might.’ He turned to the man standing beside him, ‘Surely you agree with me, Taintheus, that Water is the strongest.’
‘Certainly not,’ he growled back, ‘You are forgetting the utter power of Fire. It can turn your Water to steam any day.’
‘Unless it gets snuffed out first,’ Tancrys cut in with a laugh.
‘Now now let’s not argue,’ the last man interrupted with a wave of his hand, ‘We can at least all agree that Water, Fire and Earth are nothing compared to magnificence that is Air.’ The loud voices started all over again, denying and dismissing his claims. Their conviction blinded them to the woman slowly walking down the stairs behind them, her playful eyes fully taking in the scene in front of her.
‘Dear me, you are all so loud today,’ her quiet voice demanded instant silence from them. They shared a wary glance between themselves before Jurnin stepped forward.
‘Those fools believe their Element to be stronger than mine. Can you believe the insolence!’
‘Yes I can,’ the woman answered succinctly, ‘because you all do this every few centuries and we know there is only one way to settle the answer. Glory by right of Combat.’
‘Of course,’ Taintheus grinned while the others nodded and murmured their agreement, ‘that will teach you. It’s in the heat of battle that Fire burns it’s hottest.’
‘More like fizzles,’ Tancrys muttered under her breath, rolling her eyes.
‘Will you be participating also?’ Jurnin turned back to the mysterious woman.
‘Me?’ She grinned, ‘Of course not. I have more important affairs to attend to. Now the rules. You may each choose one champion. One elemental whom you feel will represent you the best. And before you all disappear, this time, no Masters. They are busy and the mess they made last time was monumental. You all have an hour to decide. Once you have determined your champion, bring them to the ancient arena of Mor-Esteloth.’
Within seconds, they were gone, disappearing in swirl of bright lights and black smoke. The woman continued her walk to the balcony. Leaning down, she gazed over the landscape below.
‘Round one. Fire, Ground, Water, Air.’ Turning, she flicked her long black hair over her shoulder. ‘Fools.’


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