Arena Of Champions – Air

She doesn't say a word but, by the gods, that woman scares me - High Mage Sutece

The quill flew across the paper, tracing out the intricate runes that would take others hours to complete. Few knew these markings as well as Willow. Pausing for a moment, she tilted her head, listening to the wind blow gently through the window at her back. Dropping her eyes back down, she re-inked her quill and brought her mind back to the page in front of her. This was no time to be distracted. Her expert hand picked up where it left off. The thick, aged tome sat on a thin, tall stand in front of her. The sun shone outside but she had no interest in that. There was work to be done. She dipped her quill again and turned the large page. She continued, her quill scratching along. She didn’t hesitate. She didn’t stop. She didn’t pause until a soft, tentative knock echoed from her door. Its hesitant noise crossed the room and fell on her ears, making the side of her mouth twitch slightly. Closing her eyes, she dropped her quill into the ink well, closed the tome and laid back in her chair. Opening her eyes again, she watched as the door slowly opened. A young woman’s head poked around the door frame.

‘Um… please excuse me, Lady Willow,’ she murmured, slowly moving into the room. She kept glancing over her shoulder to ensure she was near to the door.

‘Lord Sutece sent me. He advised that,’ she paused to take a deep breath before continuing rather quickly, ‘due to the imminent arrival of his first born, he will be unable to conduct his class tonight. He has asked if you can please cover his lesson instead.’ Her voice trembled and faltered away under Willow’s unerring stare. The silence in the room grew to an unbearable level till it was broken by the woman’s quiet whimper.

‘I’m sorry to bother you,’ Bowing quickly, the woman turned and ran from the room, the door slamming behind her. Sitting forward again, Willow re-opened the tome. Reaching to the quill, she placed it against the parchment and frowned deeply. Empty. She glanced up at her ink well. Also empty. A slight growl escaped her throat as she lay her quill on the page. Standing, she walked to a small cupboard in the corner. Impatiently pulling the doors open, a sudden strong gust of wind hit her face. Shaking her head, she opened her eyes and paused. She found herself in a huge stone arena surrounded by overgrown ruins. A slight sigh escaped her lips as she turned to the girl who was clearly her opponent. There was obviously only one way to get back to her work.

Fire -V- Air. Who do you want to win? Voting starts soon here. Leave a comment below and I will take it into account.

I’m currently taking all suggestions on how this fight will go down. Leave a comment on my Facebook page or below. You just may find your hero taking that suggestion.


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