Arena of Champions – Water

The ladies love a bad boy - Lelious

The light of the full moon filtered through the branches of the great forest. The quiet sounds of the creatures of the night echoed softly between the trunks. A bout of laughter burst from within, the serenity broken, the quiet sounds dispersed.

‘Really? Did you actually?’ came a manly voice, the source of the laughter.

‘Well if he was to continue the way he did, surely an accident would have followed.’ replied a soft feminine tone.

‘Oh, that is a fascinating story!’ said the owner of the manly voice, almost convincingly. ‘Please continue.’

‘Well, that is about all that happened.’ said Weathin, a woman who found herself walking through a forest in the middle of the night with this mysterious stranger. Not long ago, she had just stopped into a tavern to ask directions, now she found herself swept away with a man she found less and less appealing as they went on.

‘Never the less, I am glad we met when we did. This has been a most delightful stroll on such an enchanted evening. But nothing of this night compares to when I first saw those beautiful eyes of yours.’ whispered Lelious in a hushed tone. He took her hand and pulled her close. ‘It would be improper of me to assume anything at this early of a juncture, but, may I ask for a simple gesture from you? A kiss, my lady, in the moonlight, on this evening would be all that I could ask for in a lifetime.’

Weathin blushed. Never before had she been treated so by a man. All prior thoughts of dislike disappeared from her mind. She nodded lightly and closed her eyes, leaning forward, enwrapped in his powerful arms.

‘Oi, boss, there you are. We been looking all over for ya.’ The moment was broken, her eyes snapped open to see two burly brutes behind her beloved.

‘What, no, who are they?’ she asked. The world fell away and she found herself lying against the ground. He had dropped her, the nerve!

‘Boys, why? I was so close. I nearly had this one.’ Muttered the would be casanova as he brushed his hands clean and looked down to where she lay. ‘My apologies dear. The sudden shock of these two appearing gave me such cause for alarm. Let me help you up.’ He offered his hand to her, which she took tentatively.

‘Come on Lelious, we haven’t got all night. We were meant to be at the docks at mid moon.’ called one of the brutes. Lelious, she knew that name.

‘You.’ she stammered, ‘You’re Lelious, the infamous bandit. To think, here I was ready to kiss you!’ She snapped her hand back from his as though burned. ‘You can forget your kiss,’ She said, starting to pace on the spot. ‘Such romance you offered, such beauty in my eyes. All lies I am sure.’

‘Oh dearest, it was not all lies. I truly did want that kiss.’ Lelious replied with a coy grin.

Weathin stormed up to him, and with all the rage she could muster, planted a firm slap across his face. Lelious shook his head clean of the slap, brining his senses to bear.

‘You have one hell of an arm on-‘ he paused, taking in his surroundings. ‘Wait,’ he said, with awe and confusion, ‘Where exactly am I?’


Two new competitors, two new Elements. Voting will open soon for Round 1 Ground V Water.


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