Arena Of Champions: Round One: Ground -V- Water. Fight!

Seeing his opponent appear before him in a burst of water, Ekien sighed and tucked the scroll he was holding firmly in his belt. It would not be good if the ink ran from water damage during the fight. He would have to take care of this quickly. Why couldn’t the Gods have picked someone else. While he would gladly serve his Element, Ekien was so close to tracking it down. A wasted hour could see the trail going cold.

‘I know that look,’ Lelious smiled at Ekien, ‘You’re thinking what a nuisance this is. You probably had plans before being snatched. I know I did. She was gorgeous. Had never seen her before but that doesn’t matter. In the end all women are the same. Men are very different though. Take us for example.’ Turning slightly, Lelious began sauntering over to Ekien, taking slow and careful steps. ‘We are meant to fight for our honour. I, for one, am ecstatic about our location. Next to a river in a fertile forest, there is so much moisture in the air. I’m sorry for you, friend, but I feel I am going to win.’

‘Water eh?’ Ekien squared his shoulders and met his rival’s eyes straight on, ‘Well I am happy with our location as well. We are in a stone area. The rocks here are solid and obedient. I couldn’t ask for better weapons.’

Shaking his head slightly, Lelious chuckled, ‘So you are surely a Ground Elemental then. I pity you but please be assured this is nothing personal. When the Gods call, men must answer.’

Folding his arms across his chest, Ekien raised an eyebrow, ‘You seem mighty sure of yourself. You are surround by stone yet you truly believe you shall succeed.’

‘Some may think it as arrogant but I have a secret which allows such disposition.’

‘And that is?’

‘While we have been talking, I have bound your feet.’

Ekien glanced down and released that he was in fact pinned. Water had subtly been running in between the cracks of the stones under his feet and surrounded up to his ankle. Cursing loudly for falling for such a trick, Ekien tried wrenching his feet from the watery prison but to no avail.

A wicked grin twisting his mouth, Lelious summoned the water he had been gathering. It swirled around his form, constricting and writhing like a giant blue snake. It was time to finish this earthen fool. Lelious rushed forward, his water carrying him fast across the ground towards the other man.

Giving up on freeing himself, Ekien glanced up with deep growl. He would not be taken down so easily. He couldn’t move. So what. Luckily he was built rock solid and could take any assault head on. Throwing his arms to the side, he freed himself of his thick travelling cloak. Ekien breathed out hard, focusing his strength. The ground moved beneath the combatants as stone boulders erupted from the ground. Falling to the side, Lelious felt the rock graze over his back. He was getting too slow, he thought as he flew to his feet. So close to his opponent. Just a few more steps then he could finished this.

One step saw a stone take the tip off his nose, causing him to stumble back and distracting from the boulder surging into his back. Gasping, Lelious quickly covered himself in water. It softened the impact to his back but sent him flying forward with speed. Straight towards Ekien’s grip.

But Ekien suddenly frowned. He had slightly underestimated the speed at which Lelious was travelling. Dropping his hands, he raised them again quickly, a wall of dirt exploded from the ground around him. Lelious hit it with such force that his water merged with the dirt, destroying Ekien’s wall and allowed both men to collide with enough strength to throw them off their feet and across the arena floor, mud splattering everywhere. Ekien’s feet were ripped from their prison as the men lay on the ground panting. They were soaked, dirty and generally not happy. Lelious dragged a hand across his face, drawing the water out of the thick mud as the remaining dirt fell to the ground. Blood started oozing down his brow as he climbed to his feet. Lelious threw his gaze to the other form. Lying in the mud, he could see Ekien was gathering strength, drawing the mud close to him. Creating thick tendrils of sopping earth slowly around himself. They slid like great worms moving to their masters body.

‘We shall have none of that now,’ said Lelious, whipping his gathered water directly towards Ekien.

With a sudden shove of mud from his feet, Ekien dodged the blow which tore a great scar in the ground. A second heave of mud from behind returned him to his feet. Already the whip of water was slashing back again, Lelious turning it as deftly as it was a part of his body. Ekien countered with his earth worms, they lunged forward streaking across the soft earth to strike, the whip weaved and swooped, glancing the worms.

‘Not even close!’ shouted Eiken, but as the words left his mouth he saw his worms crack and crumble. Shattering from the force of their own movements. Lelious’ whip had stolen their water, leaving them parched and stiff.

He gasped but found he could not draw air. He tried to lift his hand, but found it cold and unresponsive. His world became glazed, cold and shifting. The whip finished devouring him, covering his body in a constant flow of liquid. Restricting his movements and cutting his air.

‘Good work Lelious!’ Jurnin cried, stepping forward out of the darkness, ‘You fought a great battle and showed them how strong Water really is. Your opponent is defeated. You may release him now.’

Bowing deeply to his lord, Lelious obliged, his water returning to the cracks. He cast a glance at Ekien over his shoulder, ‘That’s the problem with ground you simple man. Too restricted. Water allows me to hide and manipulate. What you thought were your creatures were my snakes hiding within your skin.’

‘This leaves interesting fight ahead,’ Taintheus murmured, appearing beside Jurnin, ‘Water and Fire. I believe our champions need a little while to compose themselves.’ He gaze fell upon Lelious who was vainly trying to stem the flow of blood from a deep cut across his forehead before turning back to the other gods standing around him.

‘Who do you think will win?’


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