Arena Of Champions – Round 1 Final – Fire -V- Water. Fight!

‘Well now Jurnin,’ Taintheus smiled at his counterpoint with jagged teeth, ‘It appears our champions have recovered. Shall we start?’

‘Seems like as good a time as any. I have full faith that Water will be winning this.’ Jurnin cast a glance over his shoulder at the Fire God before shouting down to the two competitors in the arena below. ‘Champions, are you ready?’

They both signalled their readiness.

‘Then begin.’

Lelious couldn’t contain the smile spreading across his lips as he inspected his opponent. Very fair on the eyes, she was regarding him in the manner a lion would an antelope. Something to be played with for a while but ultimately devoured once the thrill wore off. His type of girl.

‘My dear,’ He started sauntering toward her, ‘This is a bit unfair for I’m afraid you have the advance right now.’

‘Why is that?’ Lyra murmured, her eyes narrowing slightly. She recognised the walk. She had seen it far too often but had to admit. This man could do it perfectly.

‘You saw my fight with the Ground weakling. I was not present for your battle. Tis truly a pity I missed it. I can just imagine it now. Your raven locks flowing in the air.’

‘You are very smooth but I’ve met too many men like you. You only like one thing. Hot women. Though I can assure you, Lelious, I can get very hot.’ No sooner than the words escaped her lips, her skin began to shimmer slightly. Letting her deep breath out, Lyra ran her hands over her prickling skin. Her body was so hot small licks of flames could be seen jumping from her like sparks. They stung her wounds from the earlier battle but she intended to end this quickly. The fool shouldn’t have moved closer to her.

Flames leaping from her arms, she dashed forward, closing what little space there was between them in a moment. Dodging to the side, Lelious was suddenly on the defensive. He knew this girl was fast but he had no idea she was this fast. She was too hot to block without getting injured. Already burns were starting to appear on his skin. No time to think, all he could do was dodge her attacks. Fists flying one way, legs the other, Lelious was slowing being back into a corner. Any small amounts of water he could summon were immediately turned to steam on contact with her skin.

This was bad. He had let his guard down because of a pretty face. Throwing himself to the left, he felt the heat of the kick graze his face. That was close he thought, breathing a sigh of relief as Lyra’s follow through caught him square in the centre of his chest. The remainder of his breath was ripped from him as was sent tumbling back before coming to a stop against the hard rocks of the arena wall.

‘Ouch,’ Taintheus remarked dryly to Jurnin, ‘That one looked like it hurt.’

Panting against the stone, Lelious glanced down. A perfect hand print was burnt straight through his tunic and into his flesh. Blood was starting to ooze from the blistering skin on his chest.

‘Hot enough for you?’ Lyra laughed, her flames growing brighter. After a burn that painful, this man was only going to get slower. Finishing him would be easy. Glancing down at him, she could see his hands shaking as he slowly rose to his feet and a glint caught her eye. Was he…? Lyra dropped her hands, confusion painted across her face.

‘How… how dare you!’ Lelious cried out, his voice cracking slightly, ‘Do you know how expensive this tunic was?!? Blood can come out but burnt fabric.’ His hands gripped his skirt as his eyes grew shiny, ‘You can’t repair this! If you had any idea of the lengths I went to get this.’

Raising her gaze upwards, Lyra winced as a thick rain drop splatted against her lip. Where did those clouds come from?

‘You’re not even listening to me.’ Lelious growled as Lyra hastily raised her body temperature once more. ‘You ruined my favourite clothes and now you are just going to ignore me!’ He leapt towards her, yelling like a madman. He hit her as the first tear slipped his eye and the heavens opened above him.

Gasping, Lyra deflected his blow as the rain started pouring down. Falling upon her hot skin, it turned to steam instantly. She didn’t like this feeling. Tears mixing with rain fell down Lelious’ cheeks as he continued his assault, all reason driven from his mind with the smell of burnt fabric. Moving back and forth the pair exchanged blows. Lelious’ wetness allowed him to touch Lyra without being burnt. The rain was thick and heavy. Puddles were already beginning to form in between the stones under their feet.

Gritting her teeth, Lyra regretted burning his tunic. If she had connected with his head, he would be out and she would have won. Now she has to try and defeat him in this monsoon. Taking yet another step back, Lyra’s foot slipped to the side. Her stance didn’t falter however the pain made her yelp. The rocks were getting too slippery. Judging by the pain radiating up her leg, she wasn’t going to last much longer.

Hopping back further, she gasped in pain but was unable to put any more weight on her ankle. Lelious saw the pain in her eyes and seized his opportunity. He rushed forward, arm drawn back. In his frenzy, his foot happen to fall on the same stone that had crippled Lyra. Instead of twisting, his feet slipped straight out from under him. Coming down hard on the rocks, Lelious laid there for a moment, utterly stunned.

Hope sparked once more in Lyra’s eyes as she saw her chance. Gathering her power, she raised her fist and generated a flame powered enough to resist the rain. She swung down at his head as hard as she could.

Lelious returned to his senses to see nothing but flames obscuring his vision. Drawing his hands together, he summoned all the water around him to block the attack. He felt his water boil instantly as Lyra’s flames hit him. A sudden explosion of steam sent the two flying apart.

The gods waited with bated breaths as the steam slowly started to clear. Still lying stunned on the ground, Lelious groaned as he rolled out of the ditch around him. Rising to his feet, moved into a defensive stance while stumbling slightly. His mind barely conscious, Lelious fell back to his knee, his foggy eyes searching but they could not find Lyra anywhere.

‘Well,’ Jurnin grinned, patting the stunned Taintheus on the back, ‘I guess that settles it.’


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