Arena Of Champions – Prologue to Round 2

‘Yes!’ Jurnin cried, throwing his arms up in victory, ‘I knew it! I told you Water was the best. My champion beat yours easily.’ He flicked his hand dismissively at Taintheus.

‘I remember it to be a very close battle.’ Taintheus replied with a growl.

‘Regardless. This proves once and for all that Water is the strongest Element ever!’

‘Strongest Element?’ came a voice from the shadows.

‘Water? Really?’ chimed in a second.

‘No chance Jurnin.’ thundered a third.

‘It’s probably the weakest.’ Rang out another from far away. The voices echoed from around them as eight other figures swirled into the room.

‘The only reason you won,’ A woman with white flowing robes stepped forward, ‘is because you didn’t invite us to your little event.’

‘Yes,’ the short man beside her agreed, ‘had we been included, the outcome would have been very different.’

‘Yeah! Ice would have won.’ Said a tall lithe man hiding his size in furs and robes. There was a slight pause as everyone regarded each other with death glares. As if on cue, the shouting started once more.
Sitting on the railing, the woman yawned once before turning to the rabble.

‘You do realise there is a very simple solution to this mess.’ She murmured. As before, silence.

‘All you need to do is have your own tournament.’ She explained, ‘Choose your own champion to fight Jurnin’s. The winner of that battle would truly be,’ she paused for a moment, regarding them all with bright eyes before continuing, ‘the strongest Element out of you all. Is it agreed?’

A round of head nodding and affirmations confirmed everyone was happy with the plan.

‘Perfect. Same rules as before. Off you go.’

The room emptied almost immediately, leaving the lone woman on the railing. Stretching her arms over her head, she leant back, balancing on the thin stone.

‘Finally some peace and quiet.’ She sighed, ‘It’s amazing the lengths a Goddess has to resort to to get some silence around here. My plans are too important to be skewed by meaningless distraction.’


Get ready for Round 2 where some of the more interesting Elements will make an appearance. Don’t forget to come back vote for your favorite each week. Who will be the first two competitors in Round 2? Check back soon to find out.




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