Importance of Reviews

Hey guys!

I just want to take a moment and explain the importance of reviews.

Our books are our babies. We nurture them for years and one of the hardest things we have to do is put them in the eyes of the public. Afterall what’s the point of a book that isn’t read. We want to share our stories, our adventures with the world. But in a society where hundreds of books are added to sites like Amazon everyday, it’s hard to be noticed. Our little voice whimpering ‘read me’ is often missed in the uproar. Many authors don’t have a huge budget for marketing. In fact they are probably working normal jobs on the side just to pay the bills. What we rely on are other voices, readers who stand by our books and say ‘Yes, this is good. Read this.’ Once enough people are there, the message can start to be heard.

Reviews don’t have to be a two pages narrative on every aspect liked and disliked. A simple sentence works wonders.

So I’d like to make this appeal on behalf of all authors. If you’ve read a book, and you liked it, please take 5 min to write a review on Good Reads or Amazon or where ever you like. If you maintain a blog, you can let your audience know how much you enjoyed it. The author will thank you from the bottom of their heart and so will I.


2 thoughts on “Importance of Reviews

  1. Good reminder a few kind words can go a long way in building buzz. A cautionary word about flaming though. Too much of that on Goodreads. I’m also seeing personal grudges play out over there. Too nasty.


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