Author Interview: Ashleigh Galvin

A few days ago, Author Kate Brauning was kind enough to interview me, Check out the interview below.

Kate Brauning

I’m very excited to welcome Ashleigh Galvin to the blog today for an interview. Ashleigh Galvin Author

Ashleigh Galvin was born in Toowoomba, Australia in 1990 and grew up in Wyreema, located in Queensland, Australia. She attempted to write her first novel in primary school and hasn’t stopped since. She enjoyed reading Fantasy series as a young girl, which fuelled her to start writing as a hobby. Her first published novel, Birth By Fire’s Embrace, was released in May 2013 from Spectacle Publishing Media Group. Many people ask Ashleigh where she gets her ideas from and her answer is simple: daydreaming. She likes to call them epic daydreams because some can last for a week or longer. Interestingly enough, she gets most of her story ideas this way. Now she has combined her great imagination and her love of fantasy to create exciting and fresh novels featuring strong characters and lots of…

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One thought on “Author Interview: Ashleigh Galvin

  1. Fascinating interview Ashleigh. I’m a plotter diverted bi inspiration… although “Spiral of Hooves” was changed too many times – characters killed off, time frame changed, storyline changed… all for the best. Good luck in your writing. When I get on top of life again, I would like to interview you.

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