Short Stories from the Elements – Dark

To start off our Short Stories from the Elements, may I present the Dark element. Enjoy!

Pressing itself flat against the wall, the shadow smiled as the serving girl walked past. Sometimes it was just too easy. Waiting till she had her back turned, it lunged, darting towards her. The girl turned and screamed, clutching her chest as the shadow stopped a breath away from her face.

‘Raylee!’ the girl squeaked, ‘That wasn’t funny!’ Laugher echoed around the pair as more girls emerged from a nearby room. Gripping her sides, Raylee fell back to her friends, laughing as the girl hurried away down the corridor.

‘My, that gets more amusing every time.’ She giggled, moving into the room with the others.

‘I can’t believe you can be so invisible,’ one of her friends grinned, ‘You are getting pretty advanced with your shadow form.’

‘Yes,’ another agreed, ‘You’re getting so good you could be a High Mage.’

‘A High Mage?’ Raylee scoffed, falling back onto a lush sofa in the corner of the room, ‘Why would I want to be a High Mage? I’d have to give up all this and actually work. You know how I feel about working. It’s such a bore.’

‘That’s true,’ Another girl interjected, ‘I had one day, a few years ago, when Daddy gave all the help a day off. It was utterly horrible.’

‘My point exactly,’ Raylee agreed, ‘I’ve learnt my magic purely for fun. Well that and to get my parents off my back.’

‘My parents are still pushing me to take Lord Josta to the Winter Ball. I can’t stand that man. He’s so uncouth,’ Her friend lay back on the lavish pillows next to the sofa.

‘At least you have someone who wants to go with you. I was hoping to go with Lord Ocber but apparently he’s already going with Marene,’ Another girl pouted, flopping to the floor.

‘Speaking of the Winter Ball, you just have to see the new shawl I got for my dress!’ Leaping to her feet, Raylee ran to a box in the corner. She pulled out a long black length of shiny material.

‘Raylee that’s gorgeous,’ Her friend gushed. All the other girls nodded in agreement.

‘I know. Isn’t it just?’ Grinning, she wrapped it around her shoulders. Drawing it close, she gave a quick spin. A slight squeak escaped her lips as she came to stop. Her shawl dropped to below her elbows.

‘Is this a joke?’ She murmured under her breath. A cold wind blew through the collapsing ruins around her, throwing her short hair into her face. A deep frown crossed her lips as she took in the man opposite her. Her shawl was nothing compared his shining armour.


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