Short Stories from the Elements – Lightning

Our instalment this week is Lightning. Enjoy!

The light from the moon was very bright tonight. He would have to factor that in. He slowly crawled forward, his form barely visible as he gazed down at the scene below. The night was silent, the only noise came from the river running along side the courtyard. Such a peaceful scene could easily make one feel safe. Lance knew better. A door opened below. Six figures slipped out, extremely concious on their surroundings.

‘Did ya get it?’ One hissed, ‘Did ya get da gold?’

‘Quiet!’ Another growled back, ‘I got it. Don’t cho worry your sweet ‘ead ’bout it.’

‘Come on. Let’s get back.’

Slowly standing on the roof top, Lance drew a deep breath between his teeth. For every one honest person in this realm, there were two scum bags. But he really shouldn’t complain. These people were the reason he got paid. If they didn’t exist, he would be out of a job. A small frown creased his lips as he raised his gaze upwards. Very few clouds meant he would have to do most of the work himself. Closing his eyes, he released his breath, feeling his power growing around him. He kept his breathing low. A dark smile cover his face as his buzzing hands told him he had enough energy built up. He would have to use it wisely.

Taking a few steps back, Lance dashed forward. Hitting the edge of the roof, he launched himself up into the sky. He raised his hands above his head, feeling the crackling building between them. He felt the heavens react, sending a bolt of lightning across the night sky. It hit his arms, spreading over his entire body. Falling back to the ground, he struck two of the thugs on the back with his legs, transferring the bolt through them. Unable to cry out, the two men dropped like stones. They would not be getting back up this battle. Turning on his heel, Lance moved his attention to the other four. They stood shocked for a moment, unable to comprehend their comrades had been felled with a single hit.

‘What ya waitin’ for!?’ the leader yelled, gripping a bag and backing up quickly, ‘Kill ‘im!’

Pulling a rough sword from his waist, a thief clutched it with white knuckles. He charged Lance, chopping around and screaming at the top of his lungs. Lance simply sighed heavily. Great. Amateurs. Ducking under the wild flailing of the blade, Lance twisted, kicking his leg out and into the stomach of the man attacking him. The sword dropped to the pavement with a clatter as it’s wielder quickly followed. His eyes searched for the leader who was trying to escape down an alleyway as fast as he could. The other two were behind him, moving closer. The closest thief took in a long, deep breath. Gritting his teeth, Lance knew that wasn’t a good sign. Spinning around, he leapt towards a wooden box on the side of the courtyard. Just in time as he felt the flames heat his back. Fire elemental. Powerful but takes a while to charge fierce power. Very similar to him. Luckily he still had some charge left. As soon as the flames receded, Lance vaulted the crate. Lashing out, he sent two electric blue bolts flying down the courtyard. The fire man dodged the first one as Lance knew he would. The second hit the ground near his foot. Travelling along the trickling of water in between the tiles, it hit his leather boots funnelling the voltage straight into him. With a gasp, he soon joined the others on the ground.

Lance was feeling quite good about himself at this point. Only two left. He turned to face the last man standing near the river however the torrent of water about to hit him blocked out everything else. Damn. Water Mage. He wasn’t going to be able to block or dodge the stream rushing towards him. In these situations, he fell back onto his mantra. If you’re going down, take as many as you can with you. Summoning all his remaining energy, he thrust his arms into the torrent and unleashed his spark. Even as the water blew him off his feet, he knew his electricity would travel fast down the line and shock the caster. Hitting the stone ground, the water threw him back. The force eased quickly. He did get the Water Mage. Gasping, he slowed climbed to his feet. He was utterly soaked. Running his hands through his wet hair, he paused a moment. Had he been hit harder than he thought? He quickly checked himself. No head injuries and he was still dripping which meant he hadn’t been knocked out at all. So how did he come to be in this stone arena.


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