Short Stories from the Elements – Fauna

Fauna has taken over the blog this week. Read more below.

Gripping the strap of his bag tighter, Lokum swung it over his shoulder with a sigh. It had been too long. He looked out over the sandy beach to the mass of wooden huts on the other side of the trees. The image stirred one word in him. Home. It had been fifteen years since he left these sandy shores. He was just a child thinking himself a man last time he set foot on this beach. With great ambition for grand adventures, he had set off on the first boat to the mainland. The Trinity Islands were just too small compared to the world.

Now he had returned. Lokum glanced up at his companion. He had meet Zygmog a few days after he had landed at Port Taroona. A skilled hunter and fierce friend, Lokum was glad for his company over the years. Had it not been for Zygmog, he may well have died a few times. They had developed a close bond. Sure, Zygmog was sometimes loud and quite smelly and he always insisted on the best food but Lokum had learnt to compromise. A skill he didn’t developed till long after he abandoned these sandy shores. When you have a companion so big, it was either compromise or get bruised. Returning his gaze to the huts slowly coming into view, he frowned slightly. The tribes of the Trinity Islands were a sheltered people. They may not have seen one such as Zygmog before.

‘Now remember,’ Lokum spoke up, breaking the silence that had gathered between them. ‘Be nice. And patient. They may be a bit nervous of you to start with but I’m sure with time they will accept you.’ Zygmog simply rolled his eyes with a sigh. He was used to people reactions of him. He had stopped caring long ago. Most people judge by appearance and his was truly fearsome. Lokum was one of the few who had actually given him a chance.

‘You’ll like it here,’ Lokum smiled as his mind wandered back, ‘The fishing in the river is amazing. You’ve never seen such fish. It takes two men to bring them in but they are worth it. The meat is always so tender.’ Grinning, he reached out to his companion and gripped his shoulder gently. His fingers disappeared into the dense fur.

‘I think it would be best if you stayed out here to start with while I go in and tell them about you. They may react badly because of your… um’ Lokum struggled the find the right words, ‘well… because you’re a Dryphis bear and that’s a little scary.’ Zygmog paused to regard his friend down the length of his long snout. Gripping his shoulder once more, Lokum set out through the trees. Finally home again. So many things he never suspected he would miss flashed through his mind.

An errant gust of wind hit the loose sand, blowing it up and into Lokum’s eyes. That he didn’t miss as much. Cursing under his breath, he quickly wiped them clear. Glancing around, he noticed Zygmog was by his side. However his village had disappeared and in its place stood broken stone and jungle. Taking the wind in deeply, he smelt sweat and blood. A fight. The tang of the blood suggested humans. Turning, he had already identified the people at this back and moved into his stance.


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