Short Stories from the Elements – Ice

Hi Guys, we’ll be hearing the story of Ice this week. Enjoy!

The wind howled through the tundra, blowing ice and dirt up into the air. For anyone unprepared, the tundra was deadly. Even those prepared don’t fair too well either. A desolate place, it was full of large game just waiting for an unsuspecting meal to wander past. For the hunters of Foxtrix, it provided great amounts of food for the clans. Provided you knew what you were doing and had enough hunters and luck on your side. It was also home to them. Brought up on the ice fields, there were no men who were better hunters, trappers and skaters than the boys of the Foxtrix.

Stepping out from his tent, Ryler took a deep breath of the frigid morning air. The sun had barely begun to rise. It was time to start to the hunt anew. Pulling his furs closer, he cast his alerts eyes over his campsite. His men were already awake and ready to go. As they should. They were all fine hunters. He was proud to be their leader. Turning his head slightly, his eyes fell upon the strange girl they encountered yesterday. Skipping around and around his second in command, she was a small child of about eleven. Sporting bare feet and a short sun dress, Ryler couldn’t understand why she wasn’t freezing. She actually seemed to be enjoying herself. Steeling himself slightly, he walked over.

‘Good morning Isttas,’ He smiled down at her, ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Yep,’ came the pert reply.

‘Not too cold, I hope?’


Rolling his eyes slightly, Ryler gritted his teeth. This was why he didn’t have any children.

‘Can I ask you, Isttas. You’re so young. How did you ever learn to do those things you did yesterday?’

‘I dunno. Practise I guess.’ Shrugging her shoulder, she paused from her skipping, turning to face Ryler.

‘I see. Well I would be honoured if you joined us on our hunt today.’ he smiled, bending down on one knee to look her in the eyes.

‘Nah,’ Isttas replied, tilting her head to the side with a sigh, ‘That’s too boring. I’m gonna go and try to find something fun to do.’

‘I guess this is goodbye then little psycho. Had you not come along when you did yesterday, we would all be in the stomach of a Hoarfrost Worm.’ Reaching down, he ruffled her hair gently before standing. ‘Till next time, Hunter Isttas.’ Spinning on his heel, he hurried after his men.

‘Bye’, she grinned, waving as the men disappeared into the grey waste of the tundra. Turning away, she started off, skipping along the ice. Her foot gently kicked something. Smiling, Isstas reached down, gripping the wooden stick with a firm hand. She straightened again and almost dropped the stick. There was stone beneath her bare feet, not ice. The cave and tundra had been replaced with stone and vine. A giant arena surrounded her. A smile slowly returned to her face. This looked like it was going to be fun.


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