Short Stories from the Elements – Light

Last but certainly not least,  It’s Light’s this week. Enjoy!

‘Our scouts confirm they are on the march. They are expected to attack at these points within the hour. We need to re-enforce those lines.’ Reaching across the table, the man pointed to a large map. The other generals around him nodded in agreement.

‘But we simply don’t have the man power right now to hold those,’ one spoke up, laying his large feathered hat on the table, ‘We need to move the Fire mages to here. Then funnel the Dark forces to hit this section.’ His finger darted across the map as quickly and assuredly as he spoke.

‘Good thinking Dane!’ another broke in, ‘If they were there, we can hit them with the Lightning squadron and take out a good portion of their forces.’

‘My Lords!’ a frantic messenger boy ran into the tent, bowing hastily before continuing, ‘It’s reported that the Dark are within sight. Captains are awaiting your command.’

‘Take this to them,’ Dane ordered, quickly jotting down the plan on a parchment, ‘Spread the word quickly. They must be in these positions for this to work.’

The messenger accepted the parchment and ran out again.

‘Well Lords, shall we join them.’ Gesturing outside, Dane reached down to collect his hat. Moving swiftly out of the tent, the men broke up, each of them mounted their steeds in turn and rode to re-join their section of the forces. Taking in a deep breath, Dane lingered for a moment. He had been fighting this war for years. It was always the same. The dark would push forward in the winter when the ice is at its thickest. They take from the mountains to the fields, right up to the river. Once it becomes summer and the ice melts, the light forces would re-take that area up the mountains. Then winter would come again and the cycle would repeat itself. This section of the front was in a perpetual stalemate. Neither force gaining any land against the other. A stupid and pointless tug of war that neither side was willing to abandon.

Tightening his grip on his hat, he leant forward, placing it on his head. He ran his finger around the brim and took a deep breath. It was time to start again. He raised his head and blinked. Twice. Stone surrounded him. An arena of a time lost past. It’s rocky walls left to rot and crumble. There were others, sitting to the side. They watched Dane with wary eyes, obviously expecting something and from the blood splattered across the ground, he knew what was coming.


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