A belated Happy 2018 to you all!
I can’t believe it’s March already. Where does the time go?
A lot of my time this year has been devoted to packing as my husband and I are building our first home. It’s very close to completion and we’re hoping to move in the next couple of weeks. It will be great once we’re settled in and I can get back to writing.

As for writing, I’m currently planning out the next novel I intend to write. At this stage, it is looking like a YA urban fantasy / magic realism. I’m having a great time planning it out. My first book was YA and I remember now how much fun I had writing it. I think YA fantasy is one of my most favorite genres to write in. It’s also one of my favorites to read.

So far on this new project I’ve profiled the main characters and have started setting the base storyline. Creating new characters is something I enjoy a lot. It’s amazing to see them come to life. I always try to get to know my characters very well because they are with me for so long during the writing process. Naming them is something I struggle with. A name is so important. I can spend hours trying to figure out the correct name for a character. Thankfully the ones in this latest project weren’t too bad.

Well I best get back to it.

Till next time,

Featured Image: This month the featured image is my cutie of a kitty, Kuro, when he was only a few months old. He’s now about two and just as mischievous as he seems in the photo.


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