Birth By Fire's Embrace CoverBirth By Fire’s Embrace

Published in 2013 by Spectacle Media Publishing Group. With Spectacle closing its doors in 2015, I am currently on the search for a new publisher for this series.

A taut fantasy for all ages, Birth by Fire’s Embrace explores how drastically things can change when the world that lies just beyond our senses begins to surface. When all that is familiar vanishes from Shar’s life, she begins to look inside and find the strength and courage to carry on in a harsh world, and look towards another world that lies ahead.

‘Ashleigh Galvin has written an exciting tale that provides a fresh take on the genre…’ Dean Mayes,  Author

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Ashleigh took you on in Birth By Fire’s Embrace. This book was an enthralling read that took you on Sharrlette’s journey into a magical and unexpected realm. It was intriguing from the start to the finish and it made you want to keep reading and not put it down. It was a well thought out and written novel. Can’t wait for the next book.’ Review from Amazon


Shar ran. Just kept running, unaware of where her feet were taking her. She kept shaking her head, trying to erase what she’d heard. . . She just couldn’t believe it. Memories started to spin in her mind, memories of Greg swinging on her swing when she came home from school. Birthdays, Christmases, all lies. Every single day of her life was a lie. Deceit, every word he’d ever said. Tears blinded Shar as she ran deeper into the woods. She was numb to the pain of branches pulling her hair, raking across bare her skin. The pain from inside blocked everything out.

And things were about to get worse for Sharrlette.

At the beginning of the summer she was doing so well; done with school, a promising promotion in the works, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, and the chance of a lifetime at the Academy. Then he came and it was all ashes. He had cost her everything, the job, the boy, the acting school, and even her family. He had cost her the world.

What Shar didn’t know was that the stranger was actually there to protect her from another dark intruder in her world. Caught in a deadly game between two lethal adversaries, she comes to know that there are forces around her that she has only dreamt of. Forces that will bring her to the edge of death and back again, that will show her a new realm to fill the void left by the one she has lost.

Read an Extract of Birth By Fire’s Embrace.

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