Standing In The Wind’s Shadow

Standing In The Wind's ShadowStanding In the Wind’s Shadow

The Amethyst series was first published in 2013 by Spectacle Media Publishing Group.
With Spectacle closing its doors in 2015, I am currently on the search for a new publisher for this series.
Only Birth By Fire’s Embrace was released. Standing In The Wind’s Shadow and other books in the series have never been released.

Before Spectacle closed their doors, they published a paragraph about Standing In The Wind’s Shadow in their newsletter. To give you an idea of the novel, I thought I’d share it below. Enjoy!!!!

“What’s in a name? Ashleigh Galvin’s next installment to her Amethyst Series has been ominously titled Standing in the Wind’s Shadow. This new book picks up right where Birth by Fire’s Embrace left off. Finding herself in a new world and new school for the magically-gifted, Sharrlette Moore is now on a mission to study, make friends, prepare for the ritual “awakening” of her true potential, and… continue to butt heads with Master Billeaphrin.

Though the wind itself can never cast a shadow, Shar’s guide into this strange, war-ravaged world is Billeaphrin, a Master over the power of Air. Shar has been kept alive by Billea, but can he still be trusted now that they’ve abandoned her realm for his? Dark forces are closing in and her sharp-tongued mentor is growing more and more demanding.

Just as with the first book in this series, the small-burst action, the full-scale battles, and the banter all play with a visual, film-like quality. This time, however, the threat is looming from all possible sides. Shar is no longer in her own mortal world with evil hunting for her like a needle in a haystack; instead she is smack in the middle of the war. The danger is palpable, as is the sense of an inevitable count-down. Shar’s mentors, friends, and even her rivals are all put on the line when evil finds her again. Has she learned enough about her power to survive, or is she standing defenselessly in her own shadow? – COMING SOON!”