Arena Of Champions

Welcome to the Arena.

The Arena of Champions was an ongoing web series where you, the reader can influence the story and its world. Get involved, make a post, make suggestions, help or hinder your heroes. It’s all up to you. Read the stories below. Vote for your hero and watch them rise through the ranks to be the Champion. They will only succeed with your help.

1. Arena of Champions – Rules

2. Arena of Champions – Prologue

3. Arena of Champions – Fire

4. Arena of Champions – Air 

5. Arena of Champions – Fire -V- Air

6. Arena of Champions – Ground

7. Arena of Champions – Water

8. Arena of Champions – Ground -V- Water

9. Arena of Champions – Fire -V- Water

10. Arena of Champion – Prologue To Round 2

**Below added in 2016**
Hi Guys & Gals,
As some of you who have followed my website for a while know, back in 2013 I tried to create an online webseries called the ‘Arena of Champions’. Unfortunately due to other projects I just didn’t have the time to continue it. I was only able to do the first few entries. I created a character for each element and put together a little back story for them. Fire, Air, Water and Ground were posted up in 2013 but eight more elements never had the chance to shine.
During 2015 I shared with you the ones which never got posted. All the posts ended with the character being drawn in to the ‘Arena’ as they were meant to fight each other. The winner would be chosen depending on who the readers voted for. I’ve added links to these stories on the page ‘Stories from the Elements’. Enjoy.


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